The dark side of light

The invention of electric light liberated people from darkness. But since then it has become brighter and brighter on Earth, and the starry sky is now no longer visible in many places. The increasing use of outdoor lighting for streets, buildings and cable car stations and the apparently unlimited availability of light not only affect the day-night rhythm of human beings; they also have an impact on the habitats of many animal and plant species.

What is light pollution?


Light pollution occurs when natural light sources are overwhelmed by artificial light. This changes the light conditions in the twilight and night hours and has negative effects on people and the environment.

Aspects of light pollution


disturbs the human hormone balance and people’s sleep.

LIGHT TRESPASS - disturbs sleep and human hormone balance.


disturbs animals, plants and ecosystems.

ILLUMINATION OF THE ENVIRONMENT - disturbs animals, plants and ecosystems


makes the stars in the sky invisible.

LIGHT SMOG - brings the starry sky to disappear.


causes damage to the retina and increases the risk of accidents.

GLARE - causes retinal damage and leads to traffic risks.


Seen from space, populated and industrial regions can be clearly recognised by their light points.

Studies show a rapid increase in light pollution. Not only the brightness is increasing but also the size of the illuminated area. Depending on the location, the brightening of the night sky is increasing by two to eight percent annually.

Warum nimmt die Lichtverschmutzung zu (Mehrfachnennung möglich)?

Good lighting

Light pollution is an easy problem to solve.

The first step is to question the need for the lighting.

Where artificial light is essential, the location and type of lighting in particular are crucial in terms of responsible use.

Good lighting improves the quality of life, saves costs and improves the state of our environment.

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